Over 80% of all steel dust recycling utilizes the Waelz Kiln process. GSDK takes the Waelz Kiln process to the next level using state–of–the–art production technology and the latest chemical and environmental control advancements. It is the most proven, efficient, and environmentally friendly EAF dust disposal or recycling option.

Developed in 1910, the Waelz Kiln is a proven technology for high-temperature metals recovery (HTMR) of EAF waste. The result is more highly concentrated zinc oxides which are used as raw materials for zinc smelters. While many other technologies have been successfully tested for processing steel dust, none have proven as economically feasible as the Waelz Kiln process, which remains the best demonstrated available technology for recycling steel dust.

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GSDK Facilities


Our state–of–the–art processing facility is strategically located in Suncheon, South Jeolla Province, a short distance from Gwangyang Port, providing easy access for various forms of transportation. We employ the industry leading Waelz Kiln process, along with a first of its kind air filtration system.

This will not only be the most advanced EAF dust recycling center in Korea, but one built with the future in mind. Equipment and infrastructure have been specifically designed to allow for the seamless addition of a second kiln and value added processing facilities.


GSDK will accept and process steel plant flue dust from steel melt shops with EAF furnaces (EAF baghouse dust needs to contain zinc in a quantity acceptable for processing). The baghouse dust must be transported in trucks or big bags.