Waelz Kiln Process

Despite research into multiple alternative technologies, the traditional Waelz Kiln is the most economically viable processing method for deriving valuable zinc oxides from steel mill waste.

Protecting the enviroment

Currently, mini-mills using the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) method to melt scrap steel generate more millions tons of steel mill dust annually. Classified as a hazardous substance, most of this steel dust can be recycled to obtain zinc oxides used as a raw material for the world's zinc smelters.

Waelz Kiln
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1EAF Steel Dust Transport

2Blending, conditioning and pelletizing of Kiln Feedstock

3Main reaction Waelz Kiln

4ARotary Cooler

4BSettling Chamber

5Off Gas treatment

6Clean air discharge

7Waelz Zinc Oxide

AGSDK is researching how to valorize the iron content in the Waelz Iron Product

BWaelz Iron Product can be sold for road construction/ cement